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SWORL* reusable vacuum bagging systems are products of Prairie Technology Group’s on-going effort to satisfy customer requirements to achieve green processes and reduce costs. SWORL reusable vacuum bags are suitable for infusion and autoclave applications. As a long term supplier to the marine, industrial fiberglass/composite and aerospace markets, Prairie Technology Group identified fabricators’ needs for an improved bagging material with features including:

SWORL is a sprayable, fast cure, easy to learn system having high tear strength and high temperature resistance which may be used for both infusion and autoclave applications. The IRVBS process seen in the narration and video below may be incorporated into infusion SWORL bags. IRVBS is not suggested for autoclave applications. Refer to the video links for bag and IRVBS fabrication.

Patent pending Integral Reusable Vacuum Bag Seal (IRVBS) process utilizes a pre-formed wax extrusion which allows the resin stop seal to be molded into the underside of the reusable bag as the bag is being fabricated. The resulting bag with its integral seal eliminates all possible vacuum leaks which are a recognized challenge for composite manufacturers utilizing CCBM. The IRVBS process reduces tooling costs by minimizing the width of the tooling flanges needed for using multiple use vacuum bags.

Reduce composite fabricating costs with spray-applied mulit-use silicone vacuum bags

  • Sprayable - saves time, cuts costs and reduces handling
  • Workable - "net shape" conforms fully to tooling, even complex contours
  • Odorless - minimal odor, no solvents, no VOCs
  • Repairable - easily repairable with like material to extend the life of the bag
  • Long lasting - each bag can be used to make hundreds of parts








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