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We are your adhesive glue supplier. We are committed to engineering solutions for all your bonding requirements along with building a solid relationship for on going adhesive applications and glue challenges.

The purpose of Liquidweldusa Industries adhesive and adhesive dispensing equipment supply is to create value for our customers in designing a lighter stronger and longer lasting adhesive, epoxy, hot melt glue, cyanoacrylate, UV curing equipment, sealant, polyurethane, contact cement, high temperature, anaerobic or any industrial and commercial adhesive applications.

Our Adhesive Customers:

  • Providing a quality industrial adhesive glue that consistently meet or exceed our customers extensive demands for choosing the correct adhesive glue techniques.

Our Employees:

  • Our trained adhesive glue engineers will help you with any bonding applications for your industrial or Comerica adhesive challenges from medical to aerospace to automotive to electronic. Please call to see how we can meet your expectations!


  • Provide meaningful returns on your adhesive glue investments.