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Adhesives and adhesive bonded fastening systems has been our specialty for more than twenty years in southern California. Our industrial adhesives and glues offer the latest developments in adhesive engineering technology. During this time manufacturers have had to adapt to many changes in the way adhesives and glue products are produced: mechanical fasteners are rarely used, solvent-based adhesives are being regulated out of existence and new difficult-to-bond plastic compounds have been developed.

INDUSTRIAL and COMMERICAL APPLICATIONS: Hot Melt Glue ~ Cyanoacrylates ~ Anaerobics ~ Sealants ~ Epoxy-2 Part ~ Urethanes ~ UV Curables ~ Contact Cements ~ Foam Adhesives ~ RTV Silicones ~ Wood Glues ~ Packaging Adhesives ~ Pressure Sensitive ~ Polyurethane ~ 3M Adhesives ~ Adhesive Bonded Fastening Systems

Liquidweldusa offers new and unique adhesive systems that provide the answers to modern applications requirements.
Liquidweldusa's trained staff of technical support specialists is anxious to show you how you can cut production time, produce a better product and increase your profits.

Liquidweldusa has a large local inventory, is dedicated to prompt service and is committed to providing only the highest quality adhesives. Please call now and ask one of Liquidweldusa's professional staff how you too can take advantage of the latest bonding technologies. A friendly customer, service representative will be happy to show you how today's modern adhesives and their unique applications can revolutionize your production.